Noon Zoom

Noon Zoom is a free virtual training event facilitated by the Clemson Region SC SBDC to bring timely news and training to small businesses and entrepreneurs. The program features live Q&A with Professional Small Business Consultants with the South Carolina Small Business Development Centers.


Noon Zoom: Simple Web Design for Small Business

Does your small business have a well-maintained website with effective design and content that reaches your customers?   This workshop is designed to provide simple web design tips for small business owners who manage their own small business websites.  It is geared for the novice to intermediate website manager.   Design platforms discussed include:  Wix, WordPress and…

Video: Digital / Social Media Marketing Tips

Five tips on how to improve your digital marketing and social media marketing. These simple no-cost/low-cost steps can improve your online marketing, search engine optimization and digital marketing time management. Base Website, Google Business Listing, Social Media Marketing, Content Management, Analytics are all discussed in this short session.

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Video: Planning Tools for Small Business

This session covers the various types of planning typically done when starting or running a small business. A brief overview of each plan is provided as a preparation for a deeper dive into the content within each plan. Business Planning, Financial Projections, Topical Planning, Disaster/Recovery Planning and Strategic Planning are all discussed in this session.

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Recovery Response Noon Zoom

Noon Zoom Sessions with the Clemson Region SBDC The Clemson Region SBDC Small Business Consultants are dedicated to serving as your trusted business partners, providing advice and counsel as you work through the unique challenges your business may now be facing. New sessions coming soon.