Marketing = Business Success

Clemson Region SC SBDC is here to help!

Have you heard of the Rule of 7?

The Rule of 7 is a marketing principle that states your potential customers will need to come across your brand at least seven times before they really notice and start to take action.

If the rule holds true, you need your prospects to see you seven-plus times to get them to become customers. 

78% of businesses fail because they lack a well-developed business & marketing plan.

U.S. Bank

Unfortunately, too many small businesses do not have the time, marketing expertise, or resources needed to develop a working marketing plan that leads to business success. Finding customers, getting known, and creating a recognizable brand can be very hard, and as a result, gets ignored. 

Solution: If marketing isn’t your strong suit, please consider working with a marketing agency or a marketing professional.

For many small businesses, the cost of outsourcing marketing to an agency or hiring an experienced marketing professional can be significant.  Understanding these realities, the Clemson Region SC Small Business Development Center would like to offer another solution.

In collaboration with our host institution Clemson University, SC SBDC clients may want to consider hiring a marketing intern from Clemson University’s Marketing Department.  

Your interns could help you:

  • run your social media accounts
  • advertisement campaigns
  • web marketing
  • content marketing
  • B2B marketing
  • and much more.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact our Clemson Region Student Consultant Center Program Coordinator, Dr. Ezgi Ferrand, at  

We look forward to your success! 

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